Anti-Bacterial hand and shower wash: The antibacterial properties in Liquid Gloves makes it a very effective hand and shower gel. Unlike other products that stop working the moment you wash it off, Liquid Gloves protects for hours on end.

Shampoo for head lice: Liquid Gloves is very effective in the treatment of head lice.

Used to bath animals and clean animal enclosures:  Reports we’ve received stated that Liquid Gloves’s powerful antibacterial function did wonders cleaning of animal enclosures.  Because of the long lasting antibacterial effect it keeps enclosures clean of various common diseases one encounters when keeping animals.  It has been used to wash animals from house hold pets up to livestock to help manage ticks and  fleas.

Prevents nappy rash: Mothers and nurses apply Liquid Gloves onto a baby’s bottom to help prevent nappy rash and other related conditions.  

Assists with burn wounds and cuts to the skin: Using Liquid Gloves assists in the management of burn areas and cuts. The antibacterial function cleans the area keeping it bacteria free.

Promotes strong and healthy nails: Many people in the beauty industry have reported that when using Liquid Gloves nails have gotten stronger and are less likely to tear, crack or chip.

Bubble Bath: Emerge refreshed and deodorised from a bath with no “ring” around the tub.

Wound treatment: Liquid Gloves’s built in antibacterial properties can assist in preventing infection due to wounds, minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  Liquid Gloves keeps the area clean and bacteria free and can enhance recovery periods.

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Over the years our thousands of satisfied users have discovered various other uses for Liquid Gloves other than the initial intended dirt and germ blocking capabilities. We encourage people to explore and be creative when doing so but urge them to be careful and abide by the various safety regulations in the respective fields, industries and countries.

Innovative uses