As stated earlier Liquid Gloves forms a invisible barrier on the skin that prevents dirt and bacteria from adhering to the top layer of the skin. The complex molecule matrix functions completely different than conventional hand cleaning chemicals.

Instead of “attacking” the soiling agents directly in an attempt to destroy and dissolve it Liquid Gloves works in a totally unique manner. Liquid Gloves works by “packing” the dirt preventing it from adhering to the top layer of the skin.  Thus there is no need to use harsh chemicals to clean your skin.

Liquid Gloves.

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The built in antibacterial properties of Liquid Gloves gives it a distinct advantage. Most hand hygiene products disinfects your hands for a relative short period of time, but the moment you touch any surface the recontamination cycle starts all over again.  Liquid Gloves provides you with up to 8 hours protection against germs and bacteria.  This is a distinct advantage when compared to most other products that make hand hygiene claims. A false sense of security is created by these products due to their lack of sustained antibacterial abilities.

How does Liquid Gloves work?