Through out the day, dirt, germs and other soiling agents bond to your skin leaving behind damaged skin and permanently ingrained dirt. To make matters worse, harsh chemicals and detergents are often used in an attempt to wash away the dirt, creating hands that are dry, cracked and abused.



Liquid Gloves is the ultimate 3-in-1 hand care system that protects, cleanses and moisturises. Apply the Liquid Gloves gel BEFORE you start working on any project that can soil, stain or damage your hands. You simply apply a small amount of Liquid Gloves and work it into your hands and allow it to dry for about a minute.   For up to eight hours, this revolutionary formula creates a natural, non-slippery barrier that comprehensively protects your skin.

1. Bacteria and dirt adhere to the Liquid Gloves, not the skin!

2. After you’re done with your project you simply wipe your hands then wash with water.

3. After you have washed your hands you are still protected by layers of Liquid Gloves.

Liquid Gloves also have built in ANTIBACTERIAL properties. This means that the product doesn’t just clean your hands but also protects against almost all types of germs and bacteria.  Ordinary hygiene soaps only has an initial cleaning action but the moment you touch any contaminated surface your hands are once again exposed to germs and bacteria.  Liquid Gloves is different.  It continues protecting your skin for up to 7 hours and more after correct application.  Thus there is a continuous germ blocking shield on you hands that prevents germs and bacteria adhering onto you skin, helping you remain healthy.

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What is Liquid Gloves?